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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 9, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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amount oflight. temperatures this morning from around the vicinity sparrows point at 56. 53 aberdeen and lutherville low 50s on the west side. and down towards annapolis, we say good morning at 53. by the u.s. naval academy. mostly clear skies this morning. and we should stay that way until lunchtime. we will introduce afternoon clouds and cool breeze out of the north. 74 will be nice and close to normal. but it will feel crisp and we could develop the fair weather clouds that could block out the sun. 6 a.m., let's see what's happening on the commute this monday morning. here kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. that earlier accident that we had in new windsor on springdale road has been cleared. that leaves us accident free for the moment. looking live at the roadways, traffic is off to a very good start on the beltway. moving at speed for the most part here on the west side at liberty road. outer loop lanes a little bit slower because of increased volume but no major delays as you make your way towards i-70. we have construction alert to let you know about this starting this morning at about
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9 a.m. westbound route 40 across the patapsco river bridge from baltimore county and howard couldn't imthat's reduced to one lane as they close -- county. that's reduced to one lane as they close that for repairs. that could be closed for the majority of the summer. now back to you. >> gl president obama says the- - president obama says the 40 minutes he waited to see if navy seals found osama bin laden were some of the longest minutes of his life but he told "60 minutes" the chance to get bin laden out outweighed the risk and it worked. bin laden was killed in a home in a compound where he was living for five years raising questions about the support network in that country. >> we don't know whether there might have been some people inside government, people outside of government, and that is something that we have to investigate. >> this weekend, the pentagon released a few seconds of video seized in the raid including pictures of a graybearded terrorist watching himself on tv president obama told 60 minutes all of the material
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seized means the united states has a chance to deliver what they call a fatal blow to al- qaeda if there's aggressive follow through in the months to come. gas prices have gone up and up. every week over the past several months, it has gotten so bad many of us made adjustments in the budgets. that spike may be ending but 7 0, 80 bucks to fill up. linda so is live with some good news for a change on the gas front. linda. >> reporter: yeah, you are going to like hearing this. in the next few weeks, get ready to see the numbers come down. and i mean by a lot. prices could drop as much as 50 cents in the next month thanks to a drop in crude oil prices. that means by memorial day, we could be feeling less pain at the pump. oil prices are taking a tumble. they fell 15% this week down about 17 dollars in five days. that's likely to translate into cheaper gas prices nationwide. here locally, the high price of gas is putting a strain on people who have to drive for a
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living. we went along with a pizza delivery driver who says it cost him more now to fill up his car than when he gets paid to make the delivery. >>i just put 10 bucks in the car and get off at nine and many assuming it's not going to be there when i get done. >> reporter: so experts say expect relief at the supermarket. food prices are also expected to fall. live in rogers forge, lina so, abc2 -- linda so, abc2 news. abc is working to ensure you pay less at the pump. head to and click on the traffic tab and gas prices. all you have to do is input the zip code to find the least expensive gas in your area. a dozen people are recovering this morning after a car hit the back of an mta bus. this happened after 4 in rosedale sunday afternoon. officials say the bus was
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stopped when it was hit. 12 people were taken to the hospital including chelsea bennett's 3-year-old son. >> well, we were coming down and the bus stopped and the next thing you know we hear this. the back of the bus was hit by a car. mother's day for me. >> authorities say none of the injuries are life-threatening and the crash is investigated this morning. a driver who hit two johns hop kens students near campus -- hopkins student near campus is in custody. he was impaired and is awaiting charges: 21-year-old male and 18-year-old female were walking across 33rd street a few feet from the crosswalk when they were hit by a car. the male victim suffered a head injury and is in critical but stable condition and the female is in stable condition this morning. two police officers suffered minor injuries when the motorcycles collided during an escort. anne arundel county police say the crash happened yesterday morning near the intersections of i-95 and 295 in linthicum. authorities say both officers
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were treated and released from shock trauma. they have not released the details of that escort assignment. police are working to identify a body discovered in annapolis. the pass are by spotted the water near the 300 block of burnside streetch the department of natural resource and police have taken over the investigation. there's no word on how long the body may have been in the water. this weekend family and friends of phylicia barnes came together to remember the north carolina teen. as you know, her body was found in the susquehanna river last month. barns barnes, 16 when she -- barnes, 16 when she disappeared. the weekend funeral service was held at springfield baptist church in georgia. a memorial service is set for may 14th. that is this saturday at mount pleasant baptist church here in baltimore. the video is unbelievable and the stories are no doubt about it, heart breaking. flooding in certain southern
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u.s. cities. people have lost everything there. and those who have not are headed for higher ground. sherrie johnson is checking video from overnight and has the latest this morning. >> reporter: with major rivers surging and now four million people at risk along the mississippi river and 63 counties, people are bracing for the worst. today, the river in memphis was about 47 feet. the second highest ever major flood stage. it is putting the city's leaking levees and wooden floodgates to the test. authorities are asking thousands to evacuate and find higher ground. but people are refusing to leave their home even if it's for their safety. >> this is going to take to the point that the water is actually coming in the house. when i see that, she will leave. but until then, you guys, us, it ain't going to happen. >> we have been living here all our life and now we don't want to go nowhere. >> reporter: and some families have started to put their things in storage trying to minimummize the damage from the
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flooding. the nag national guard is on hand preparing for what happens if the levees fail. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. honoring u.s. police officers is what the focus is going on in the nation's capital this weekend. listen. it was the 16th annual law ride kicking off national police week. one man at the event harry herrington a former police officer is taking a cross country trip raising money for the families of the fallen and rode 1300 miles through two driving rainstorms just to lay a wreath yesterday at the national law enforcement officer's memorial. >> when one of your fellow officers fall notice line of duty, sudden youly you realize how mortal you are and it's hard for the officers to come out and they are grieving and they have to face reality. >> many credit the event with keeping the memories alive and giving the familiar lace valuable support system.
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the sneezing and watering of the eyes and coughing all those great things. >> awful. allergy season is here. and if this year seems techly bad, you are not alone. >> reunited, check this out. paula abdul and simon cowell going to be together on your tv screen. we will tell you all about that project coming up in a bit. yeah, but first we will head up to new york and get a look at the latest business news that's happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, soaring used car prices hit a record high last month and are heading higher. prices are up 1500 to 3,000 dollars in just half a year. it's mostly because japan's earthquake cut back new car production. but the earthquake is not dampening the enthusiasm for nuclear power. a government official says there are no plans to shut down the country's 50 or so other reactors. the compensation for cheep executives was up 11 -- cheap executives was up 11%.
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it averages 9.3 million dollars including salary, bonuses and stock. a good time to be a ceo. and maybe you don't make as much as a king or queen, but after the royal wedding, many people apparently would like to drive like one. edmond is reporting sales of british cars driven by the royal family are way up. that's america's money. i am peggy bunker.
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whether now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. i want to start off if carroll county. at east middle school, in westminster, 50 degrees. i was there back in march. and i am going to be at their rival west middle school for a weather visit in the wind forchange contest and they are
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up to the challenge to beat their rivals. hopefully they will be up to the chal toning get the weather station back online. sorry, west, we have to go to east to check out your local weather. you are a mile apart. 50 this morning. let's hop over to west mister. winters mill high school high up on the hill as we see 52. the field are green and the weather is just absolutely phenomenal. light wind out of the northeast. and overall we expect to have another gorgeous day. how about this one on the severn, u.s. naval academy what gorgeous weekend and looks like the weather will continue to be phenomenal. 57 this morning. and we are looking for a near repeat of what we had over the weekend. start off this morning del mar have a 52 from observean city to easton. 55 officially in baltimore. hop down to 42 degrees when we go up north to york, pa. colder than oakland, maryland which is in the mid-40s. farther west out of our pocket of 40s and 50s and 60s to near 70 degrees across the lower mississippi valley. we have been showing you video
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throughout the morning and i am sure you will see update from "gad morning america" from -- good morning america" from memphis as they continue to watch the rivers to rise. they have been blowing out levees to the north trying to ease some of the tension. and keep that near 48 feet that will rival the flood water level that they reach back in 1937. it's been a long time coming. 69 at heft the weather is nice so far. and we will get back to them in a moment. let's talk about theclear weather. as you see on the wide screen sheet, low pressure work back -- screen, low pressure is working back. we have a flare-up of thunderstorms across the lower mississippi valley which is something they don't want to deal with. with this setup, like we may -- we have had it will produce cloud cover. a repeat tomorrow afternoon with clouds and we will watch showers to the west and slowly edge closer to us. second half of the week, beater
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chance of getting wet -- a better chance of getting wet but not the first couple days. 7 # today, afternoon clouds. back down -- 74 today, afternoon clouds. back down into the 40s tonight. 76 wednesday. a pleasant start. showers return friday through the weekend. kim. >> reporter: justin, we are seeing a slight uptick in volume this morning around the beltway. fortunately, it's not having a significant impact on your drive times. looking live at 695 at providence road, outer loop lanes on the left hand side of the screen and that's moving pretty well. no problems on the inner loop between charles street heading up towards 95. 95 looks good in both directions from white marsh towards the split. looking at the drive times, they are look pretty good. southbound 95 between white marsh and the beltway 7 minutes. 8 minute outer loop from the west side 795 to 70 will take you 7 minutes this morning. again, no major accidents around 695, 95 on the 8 3ás but down in southern anne arundel
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county in the loatheian a crash at 258 and route 4. megan, back to you. >> thanks so much. it's 15 minutes after 6. health news, if you suffer from allergies, you are not going to like this. you have a rough time last year with the runny noses and itchy watery eyes. this year could be worse. pollen levels are reaching record highs and experts say the heavy winter storms and early spring rains are to blame. >> there are a lot of parenting -- patients calling and -- patients calling and describing severe sip toms. the higher -- symptoms. >> the higher than normal temperatures are causing people to sneeze longer and harder. children more children than previously thought may have traits for autism. the study says one in 38 kids have some traits of a tim which is higher than the previous u.s. 1 in 100. the study cast a wider net and
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looked at mainstream children. and more girls had autism than was previously thought. it's important to know the study doesn't mean that suddenly more kids have autism rather, it just means that there were some who were never diagnosed. 16 minutes after 6 right now. for the next couple weeks, we are giving away a free 100 dollar gas card. >> who couldn't use that. what you have to do is watch "good morning maryland" beginning at 4:30 for the code word. that's a dealy code word we throw out i want to know who is coming up with the code word but when you do, you text it to 46988. all right. good luck with the contest. you can get more information on the website. all right, an 11-hour delay that injured more than 30 people. >> coming up, more on the new jersey train crashing and one train ran into the other. what officials are saying about the commute and could things clear up as early as today. guys there, are so many ways you can impress a woman. is this reality best way?
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a man thought so but perhaps the mug shot will not help with the ladies. we will explain. it's time tore birth days. -- for birthdays. lieu ease has 60 years -- louise has turned 80 today. and liam celebrating his first birthday and tina in parkville is 43. megan you have a special place in your heart for this little guy. >> i do. take a look at riley bow. there he is. he is gorgeous and from eldersburg. saturday was the first birl day and i hope you-- birthday and i hope you got a big piece of cake. >> kiss me, i am irish. >> kiss me i am cute. >> if you have great photos, pets, birthdays, anniversaries, photos of the day, morning show at get the facts straight and get them into us so we can share them with all of maryland. we are back in a bit. it's 6:17.
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time for entertainment news. paula abdul is has a new gig and signed on as judge for the x factor. in the new role she will be reunited with the former american idol cohost, simon cowell. former pussy cat doll will be performing and her musical skills will be put to work as one of the cohost. the x-factors hits the prime time lineup this fall. competitors will vie for a $5 million music recording contract. is there a another royal wedding. sir paul mccartney may be moving towards tying the knot. wow. i am not going to say it with nancy shevell his publicist says he is engaged to his girlfriend of four years and they are saying it's true. they are not going to elaborate on how he asked the new york social lite to marry him. it would be his third marriage his first wife linda died of cancer in 1998 and he divorced
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his second wife the one i was going to comment on, in 200 #. 6:22 -- 200 #. 6:22 -- 2008. 6:22. betty white is on the road promoting her memoir. it covers her career in show business. she writes about the facebook campaign that helped persuade her to host saturday night live. also this morning, jerry seinfeld fans are a click away from accessing his most famous material. through clips from the 30-year career will play on jerry once they are on there, they will be live 24 hours a day and replaced with three new clips. seinfeld hopes the site will inspire aspiring comedians. talk about how much money you make, driving a nice car, even springing for the 5 star restaurant. these are pass say when you want to im-- passe when you
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want to impress the lady. a guy in illinois thought it would be a great way to do great with the opposite sex e says he kept the gator to impress women and supposedly kept it underfed so it would remain small enough to live in the tank because he didn't want to spring for a larger tank. >> he starved the animal? what a dope. good thing he is in trouble. >> that's what ticked you off? >> i want to impress the women with my alligator. >> that doesn't at this .ly work. they were headed to a conference to talk about prejudice. and they ran into some of that prejudice on the way to the conference. two muslim leaders want to know were they were removed from a flight. also ahead, an incredible story of survival. what des are doing this morning -- doctors are doing to save a woman strand for seven weeks. [ male announcer ] a chicken coop:
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now "good morning maryland." the president speaks out about the hunt for osama bin laden this morning. new details about coming up about the most wanted terror.
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the jury begins in the casey anthony murder trial. how the case forced the cord to head to a secret county for jury deliberations. and the south continuing to feel the brunt of the weather. new images of the massive flooding for those along the banks of the mississippi river. we will take you there on this monday may 9th. good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. a gorgeous weekend here. the sun was out and was police apt in the 70s. >> and a little rain on friday and saturday but otherwise a great weekend. how is the workweek looking? let's ask justin. >> it looks like the first half shapes up very well. let's check it out. want to start off in ellicott city. i haven't seen this for a while. look at the sun. no don't look at sun, it might hurt your eyes. 51 after a midnight temperature of 56 and a a good day to be -- good day to be on the playground for recess. reisterstown a little sun glare. that is the issue this morning.
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all about sun glare. and that should be the only weather issue we have. a little bit of extra cloudiness developing this afternoon. as we go for the high of 74. we will have the outlook for the rest of the week coming up. but let's look at traffic this morning at 6:27. here's kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. well, we have a little bit of a minor slowdown south on 95 between the beltway and down towards the split. looking live at 895, here at the o'donnell street exit, things look pretty good heading towards harbor tunnel. no problems at the fort mchenry toll plaza. southbound lanes begin to slow approaching keith avenue. as we look at the maps, only accident we are working is inand arundel county southern anne arundel county down in loatheian. expect to see police on the scene. but no problems on route 50 or on i-97. now back to you. >> tanks. 6:28. president obama is sharing what went into his decision to raid a compound in the search for osama bin laden. he says the one thing didn't
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lose sleep over was the chance to take out the al-qaeda leader he. and now investigation turns at who knew he was there in the first place. abc news emily schmidt reports. >> reporter: president obama says the 40 minutes he waited to see if navy seals found osama bin laden were some of the longest minutes of his life. >> it was a very tense situation. >> reporter: but he told cbs news "60 minutes" the chance to get bin laden outweighed the risks and it worked. bin laden was killed in a pakistani homeer with lived for five years raising -- homeer with lived for five years raising support of a network. >> we don't know if there were people inside government, people outside government, and that is something that we have to investigate. >> reporter: a senior pakistani official tells abc news based on years of experience, he believes "elements of pakistani intelligence probably rogue or retired were involved in aiding and by thing and sheltering e


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